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Automotive News – September 3, 2010

The Top 20 Cars in 2010. Kelly Blue Book taking bidders. New safety regulations proposed to prevent child deaths. These and other stories in this week’s edition of Automotive News.

Top 10 Cars in 2010
Ford F-150For the year-to-date, the Ford F-Series pickup is the best-selling vehicle in the United States, according to Autodata. The Chevrolet Silverado is a distant second, having sold 30 percent fewer units.

Following is the list of the Top 10 models in 2010 (through August), volumes and percent changes from the same period in 2009, according to the Autodata report:

Vehicle 2010 Volume % Change
Ford F-Series 338,446 +29.4%
Chevrolet Silverado 235,530 +12.2%
Toyota Camry 220,061 -7.8%
Honda Accord 193,207 -3.7%
Toyota Corolla 188,126 -3.2%
Honda Civic 179,635 -6.3%
Nissan Altima 148,881 +4.5%
Chevy Malibu 146,957 +35.4%
Ford Fusion 145,663 +17.7%
Ford Escape 128,507 +9.3%

Kelly Blue Book Up for Sale?

Kelly Blue BookKelly Blue Book, which for decades has been a primary source for new and used vehicle valuations, is reportedly looking for a buyer. According to the Financial Times, the 84-year-old company has been put on the auction block. JP Morgan is reportedly assisting with the sale. How much is the company worth? Experts estimate between $500 million and $1 billion. If only there was an authoritative source of such information…

Safety Advocates Urge Warning System to Prevent Child Deaths

Blazing SunEvery year, dozens of babies and young children die when their parents leave them locked in cars during hot summer months. Now, safety groups including the Consumer Federation of America and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety are urging the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) to require automakers to install systems that trigger warning chimes whenever they sense someone has been locked inside a car. They argue that if cars can warn drivers when passengers have not buckled their seat belts, the reverse can be just as easily achieved. August 2010 was the deadliest month on record for child deaths in overheated cars, with 37 such fatalities reported.

Ferrari Recalls ‘Exploding’ Cars

Burning FerrariOkay, the cars don’t exactly “explode,” but some do have a nasty tendency to burst into flames. Which is why Italian sports carmaker Ferrari is recalling 1,248 copies of its high-performance 458 Italia. Ferrari says it has received five reports of its 458 catching fire in California, France, Switzerland, China and one other undisclosed location. It traced the problem to an adhesive used in the wheel-arch assemblies — an adhesive that can ignite when temperatures get too high. Ferrari is asking all owners of 458s built before July 2010 to take them to their dealership to have the glue removed. And if your 458 Italia has already suffered fire damage? Fear not; Ferrari will give you a new one!

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