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What’s Happening at WyoTech Long Beach?


If you’re looking for a school that offers training in the automotive, plumbing, RHVAC (Residential Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) fields, WyoTech Long Beach is the place to pull up and start the journey.

You’ll be mighty impressed with our programs that meet industry specifications and standards. You’ll also be impressed with our instructors and their level of expertise on the subject matter taught.

Hands-on training is what it’s all about. And we provide plenty of it. It’s the kind of training that allows you to hit the ground running from the day you start your job search activities.

Career Services is a department you’ll become familiar with once you’ve successfully graduated your program. You’ve trained hard, and now it’s your goal to find a career so you can play hard. Your resume is important, and we’ll help you craft it to get results. We’ll also help you build contacts with industry employers who look for and appreciate your training and skills.

Contact us today and check out the tech school training programs offered.

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