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What Can an Education at WyoTech Accomplish?

green-car.pngA lot! When you hear the world classic pickup, you don’t generally think of a 1957 Dodge truck. However, give a WyoTech student, who’s got a passion for hot rods and customs, a gift from a dad who’s got the same passion running through his veins, and the result might just end up being a head-turner.

Enter the mean machine with a Planet Green-and-Black suede paint job accented with a wealth of custom body touches!  This baby went from being ugly to mighty fine virtually overnight.

At WyoTech, students are able to take their passions for cars and trucks and create literal works of art. They learn just about everything there is to know at this initial stage of their education. And they’re geared up mentally to have a passion for getting the job done.

Imagine tech school career training in a spacious shop floor with others of like mind and passion! Throw instructors in the mix who know their craft like the back of their hand, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Hey, WyoTech training is tough and challenging. But can you imagine the curriculum being any other way if you’re desire is to be the best at what you do?  You arrive ready and you leave able.

Why not let us help you take your talent to the next level through the kind of tech school career training that’s valued and respected by numerous industry professionals.
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