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WyoTech – Sacramento Car Show 2010 Follow Up!

bigstockphoto_classic_street_rod_at_show_2268809.jpgWyoTech’s 6th Annual Car Show on May 8, 2010 made a huge splash. The weather was perfect for the 300 cars and 2500 or more car enthusiasts in attendance.

It was a day of checking out the rides, enjoying the pin striping, participating in the dynamometer runs, and the sheer joy of watching the sheet metal gurus work their magic through some pretty awesome demonstrations.

And the vendors came through strong with their own brand of traditional car show food.

There were cars, trucks, bikes, boats, dragsters and drift cars…you name it! Young and old alike had a great time, proving that the true Hot Rod spirit in the country is as alive and vibrant as ever.

Our hats are off to the WyoTech staff who put in what seems like countless hours to make the event a huge success. The fantastic crowds also deserve a huge round of applause for their enthusiasm and participation.

Don’t miss next year’s car show.

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