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What’s a Passion for Wrenching Really All About?

bigstockphoto_engine_repair_5294635.jpgWrenching, if you’re the kind of guy or gal that prefers being under the hood of a car or truck, is the joy experienced from tightening down or loosening a nut or bolt.

Throw in a few bruised or busted knuckles from an engine rebuild, and it’s like what the Vikings must have felt when landing on a distant shore.

A passion for wrenching is what a vast majority of WoTech students have in common. WyoTech provides the open-shop hands-on training environment where students can drill down on subject matter in the classroom and show-what-they-know on spacious shop floors stocked with some of the industry’s latest diagnostic equipment.

While wrenching generally refers to automotive adventures under the hood or under the car, anyone who turns a wrench or handles a special tool to get the job done is an honorary member of the club.

The passion for wrenching runs deep in most students. There’s usually a connection that goes all the way back to working with a friend or family member at an early age. And when you’re working around people that understand and respect your passion, there are those moments when time seems to stand still.

Automotive, diesel, collision and refinishing, motorcycle, marine, RHVAC, plumbing and electrician are industry-specific training programs offered at six WyoTech campuses across the country.

Why not contact WyoTech today and discover how you can take a passion for wrenching to the next level.

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Programs and schedules vary by campus.

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