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WyoTech Long Beach Trains Tomorrow’s Plumbers to Meet Timeless Challenges

WyoTech Plumbing TechnologyEven as America goes more and more high-tech, there will always be a need for plumbers. WyoTech’s Long Beach, California campus is helping meet the ongoing demand for skilled plumbing technicians by training a new generation of students for careers in this challenging and rewarding trade. The nine-month program provides students with the background and hands-on experience needed to qualify for entry-level positions on both new construction and remodeling jobs.

WyoTech-Long Beach’s campus includes a modern workshop dedicated to plumbing technician training. Here, students get to work on simulated construction and remodeling projects where they can hone their skills on common tasks and challenges. Most instructors are former plumbing professionals who really know the ins-and-outs of their trade.

  • The Plumbing Technology Program
  • The Plumbing Technology program at WyoTech-Long Beach includes instruction in:
  • Sizing Water Supply Systems and Backflow Prevention
  • Servicing Piping Systems, Valves, Fixtures and Appliances I
  • Installing Valves, Fixtures and Water Heaters
  • Installing Drain, Waste, Vent, and Water Supply Systems

The program stresses technical understanding, reasoning ability and problem-solving skills. Students receive instruction and practice with a variety of hand- and power-tools. By the end of their training program, they are ready to compete for entry-level positions where they can put their new-found abilities to the test.

Career Services

To further support its students, WyoTech-Long Beach has a Career Services team that helps prepare students for their new careers upon graduation. The school has a strong network of employers who know the value of our graduates. In addition to helping students connect with these employers, WyoTech helps them fine-tune their resumes and interviewing techniques.

For More Information

Interested in a career as a plumbing technician? WyoTech is one of America’s leading career training schools for people seeking entry-level jobs in the plumbing and electrician trades. For more information on WyoTech career training programs, contact WyoTech today!

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