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What’s the WyoTech Experience?

bigstockphoto_the_long_road_3427769.jpgWhat’s the WyoTech experience like? Imagine training in a fast-paced environment where everyone else has the same goal-excellence!

Whether it’s a WyoTech destination school or one that’s located close by, WyoTech is a place where people of like mind and ambition can explore their passions for wrenching.

Like you, many of the students you’ll get to know grew up loving machines. Perhaps it was with a father, cousin or friend who sparked an interest in working around engines and crawling under the hood of a vehicle.

Whatever the source of inspiration, a love for busted knuckles, oil-slick hands and the smell of diesel fuel is a hard habit to break.

WyoTech is a place where shop time is taken seriously too. Students get to learn from instructors who know how to get the job done. And the tools you use to train on are often the tools you’ll find in a real-world work environment.

WyoTech’s professional standards are something you’ll be able to sink your teeth into from day one. Students become a part of a professional team that lives, eats and breathes the hard-working standards that define WyoTech on the shop floor and in the classroom.

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