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It’s 2010 and Blue-Collar Jobs are Still in Demand

bigstockphoto_lineman_317282.jpgIf you’re ready for change but dread getting stuck with another desk job, why not consider working with your hands?

It’s rumored there’s a blue-collar renaissance happening right now.  Blue-collar jobs are necessary, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. The nation’s infrastructure is crumbling, and there aren’t enough workers to get the job done. This translates into a lot of opportunities for those who are industry-qualified and trained.

The following is a list of jobs that industry experts say should retain strong demand.  Several positions offer a paid-on-the-job apprenticeship.  They can also be completed in less time than you might think and allow you to get on with your life and other things that matter just as much.


The plumbing occupation is one of the highest paid in the construction industry. Most training is received at the tech school or community college level.  WyoTech can give you tools needed to be an industry success.


Electricians will always be in demand. If you have the skill set and training, you can be a part of the job force trend that’s moving towards developing green energy development and use. Apprenticeships usually last four years.

Automobile mechanic

No matter what the economy is doing, qualified auto mechanics are always needed.  Even in a recession, people need to keep their cars running longer. It’s expensive to buy a new car these days. The right training can prepare you to hit the ground running when it comes time to begin your job search.

WyoTech offers career tech school training for some of today’s most popular career fields.
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