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1950’s Era Snow Train Makes Final Run at Laramie

1-picasa-web-albums-larry-workin-on-the-railroad_1267024040020.pngWhile the winters in Wyoming can still be fierce, one can only imagine the grit and guts it took for men and women to keep the passenger and freight trains running out West during the 50’s.

Laramie, Wyoming is the proud owner of a vintage Union Pacific steam engine, wedge snowplow, caboose and a bunk car built by Ralston Steel Company. The historic train is being moved from various locations in Laramie and will be showcased at RailroadHeritage Park, which is adjacent to the historic Union Pacific Dept.

Railroad Heritage Park is a joint project between the Laramie Railroad Depot Association and the city of Laramie.

All the remaining equipment on the train is 50 years or older. Once assembled, it will be nominated for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places as part of Historic Downtown Laramie.

Students at WyoTech Laramie get a huge hand of applause for the hard work and effort to give new life and being to this historic relic from the past. The snow train serves, not only a historic function, but is a testament to the durability of the machinery built over 50 years ago that can exist and still function in today’s modern world.

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