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WyoTech Trains Smog Check Techs for California Market

WyoTech Advanced Automotive DiagnosticsWyoTech’s Long Beach campuses are now forming Automotive Technology classes that specialize in Advanced Automotive Diagnostics. With this training, the WyoTech students will be prepared to take the California Smog Check technician license exam, and ultimately work as technicians in any of the hundreds of smog check stations licensed by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Smog Checks Required by Law

Since 1984, the State of California has required all motor vehicles registered in the state to pass a bi-annual emissions test to help protect local air quality. Such tests can be run at any licensed facility, which include traditional service stations, automotive “super-stores” like Pep Boys, and dedicated smog check-only facilities. But wherever the tests are done, they must be performed by licensed, qualified individuals. And many facilities look very kindly on the education, training and experience of WyoTech graduates.

Exclusively at WyoTech Long Beach

Within the WyoTech system, smog check technician training is available only at its Long Beach, California campuses under the Advanced Automotive Diagnostics specialty option of its Automotive Technology program. This specialized training, which takes approximately three months, includes:

  • Technical systems
  • Body electrical systems
  • Engine electronics
  • Emissions devices
  • Advanced Engine Performance
  • Basic Clean Air Car Course
  • California BAR rules and regulations
  • On-Board diagnostics II systems

Having completed this program, WyoTech graduates can not only seek employment at smog check stations, but are also qualified to work as emissions analysts and repair technicians in most automotive service centers throughout the state.

For More Information

Interested in a career as a smog check technician or other automotive specialty? WyoTech is one of America’s leading career training schools for people seeking entry-level jobs in the areas of automobile, motorcycle, diesel or marine technology service and maintenance. For more information on WyoTech career training programs, contact WyoTech today!

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