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WyoTech-Fremont Trains Electricians to Meet 21st Century Challenges

Electrician Training at WyoTech-FremontEntering the second decade of the 21st century, workers find themselves under increasing pressure to hone their skills to keep pace with market demands. This is true even among trade workers such as electricians, who must deal with both the challenges of new construction and the maintenance of older—sometimes considerably older—electrical systems.

WyoTech – Fremont offers Electrician training that helps people looking for careers as electricians prepare themselves for this wide range of 21st century challenges. WyoTech’s Electrician training program covers the technical, scientific, communication and interpersonal skills needed to secure and maintain successful employment as a professional electrician. Upon having received their diplomas, WyoTech Electrician career training graduates are qualified to seek jobs in the commercial, residential and industrial fields.

A Wide-Ranging Curriculum

The WyoTech Electrician career training program at the Fremont campus covers a wide range of relevant subjects. These include:

  • Basic electrical theory and concepts
  • National electrical code and conduit bending
  • Commercial wiring and circuitry
  • Power distribution and emergency systems
  • Fire and security alarms
  • Advanced code concepts and motors
  • Jobsite management
  • Advanced industrial control concepts
  • Electronic and computer-based control technology

Courses are taught by instructors who are themselves former professional electricians. Experienced craftspeople, they are eager to share their real-world knowledge and provide personal guidance that can help students successfully launch and build their careers.

Career Placement Services

If you like working with your hands and are looking for a career with long-term potential, the WyoTech Electrician career training program is a great way to learn the industry’s fundamentals. Upon graduation, WyoTech’s Career Placement Services will help you with:

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job Leads
  • Resumé Help

WyoTech’s goal is to get you trained and employed as quickly as possible.

The Fremont Campus

WyoTech’s 8-acre campus in Fremont, Calif., includes 120,000 square feet of modern workshop space. Located between San Jose and Oakland/San Francisco in California’s South Bay region, the campus is convenient to a wide range of recreational and cultural amenities.

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