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Still Thinking About Building That Dune Buggy?

bigstockphoto_dune_buggy_2783288.jpgYou’re not alone!  There are a lot of people out there who have a serious desire to build that dune buggy that’s been haunting them for half a lifetime, in some cases.  OK, here’s the short version of making the impossible dream come true!

Step 1

Find a Volkswagen beetle, preferably the Type 1. Get busy removing the body and make sure the frame is sturdy with no visible signs of structural degradation.  Very carefully examine the front suspension to make sure it’s sound.

Step 2

Consider the engine repairs needed, if any, and mount the engine making any modifications along the way as necessary. You can decide at this stage to do any internal engine or turbocharger work.

This is also the stage to determine if you have the right transmission; it will either be manual or automatic.  If doing the installations yourself, make sure the engine, transmission and rear end are compatible with each other.

Step 3

Work with the interior, including the number of seats and gauges.  Make sure your pedals are installed properly and that you’re comfortable with their location. This is the perfect time to add any accessories.

Step 4

Your vehicle won’t be safe without the rib cage being installed. Most people prefer a four or six-point roll cage.

Step 5

This is the moment of truth, where you get to mount the tires and wheels.  Wider tires for the sand or all-terrain tires as the norm.

You’ve probably figured out that building a dune buggy can’t possibly be this easy, even if you’re an experienced dune buggy builder.  On the other hand, it becomes a lot easier to do if you have the right training that a school like WyoTech can bestow in its Motorsports Chassis Fabrication program.

Students get introduced to metal working techniques that apply to automotive chassis fabrication work. They get to study, under the watchful eye of experienced instructors, such things as metal types and configurations, measuring, outline, pattern development, mechanic drawing, MIG and TIG welding and much more.

Classroom and shop time at WyoTech is exciting stuff.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to successfully start and complete WyoTech training, contact us today and speak with an Admissions Rep about what it will take to get trained in the exciting world of Motorsports Chassis Fabrication.

You never can tell!  It might just end up being a life-changing decision.

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