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Get Trained to Become a Motorcycle Mechanic at WyoTech

motorcycle_1263486851307.pngLet’s face it. You’re the kind of individual that likes to “skin” your knuckles and get lost in the moment!  Not everyone can do that, and at WyoTech we think it’s a talent that we can help you develop.

You can get trained to become a motorcycle mechanic in less time than you might think.

Sure, the world is filled with people who feel comfortable putting on a suit or business attire-but there are some people who feel the flow when they’re able to learn and work in an environment that makes them feel like they’re alive in the moment.   We think that description fits you!

We also think you might be one of the talented ones looking for a more stable and better paying job down the line when it comes time to launch a career as a motorcycle mechanic.

Enter WyoTech!  

WyoTech’s  Motorcycle Technology program is designed to expose you to the curriculum and hands-on learning environment that can impart the specialized skills and knowledge needed to seek out an entry-level career servicing and repairing today’s modern motorcycles.

You train with us and you get to choose a core course. You’ll then have the option of choosing a concentration in one of the following areas: Asian Motorcycle, European Motorcycle, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, or the new Off-road Power

We also know that finding a job upon graduation is one of the big reasons our students choose to attend WyoTech.  Your own hard work, professionalism, experience, work attitude, and local market factors will impact your own personal employment opportunities as job openings occur.

Graduates may find career opportunities in the following areas:·

  •  Dealership Motorcycle Technician
  •   Specialty Shop Motorcycle Technician
  •   Performance Shop Motorcycle Technician
  •   Motorcycle Assembly
  •   Customer Service Representative
  •   Parts Representative
  •   And more

We’re feelin’ ya at WyoTech!  And we agree, it’s time to get busy.

Motorcycle Technology career program training might just be the life-changer you’ve been looking for

Contact a WyoTech representative today and learn more about how you can get trained in our Motorcycle Technology program.

We’re WyoTech, and we can help you turn pro.

* Concentrations vary by campus.

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