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Diesel Technology – A Proven Track Record

bigstockphoto_speeding_locomotive_2929307.jpgDiesel engine manufacturers, truck manufacturers, and suppliers across the U.S. have a solid track record of working with the Department of Energy in turning investments in research into tangible results.

Such investments include lower vehicle emissions and increasingly efficient transportation.
Diesel technology is responsible for reducing port, landfill, and stationary generator emissions.  If you’re a person looking for a solid career, training to work on diesel technology is a step in the right direction.

The WyoTech Diesel Technology Program gives students the skills necessary to gain entry-level employment as a diesel technician and be a part of the workforce working to make the world a greener place.

Our hands-on program is structured to give our students quality shop time working with the tools and machinery that can be found on the job when it comes time to launch a career.
Repair methods, along with equipment are continually updated.

WyoTech stays on top of industry technology changes and makes sure that students are exposed to real-time information and training methods. The knowledge you learn and the equipment you’ll work on will help you prepare for job challenges in the real world.

What you learn in the classroom can be applied on the shop floor under the watchful and helpful eye of instructors who can show you the ropes based on their own personal knowledge and experiences.

At WyoTech, you’ll feel like you’re part of a family that has the same goals and educational aspirations. There’s nothing like working with others who understand what it’s like to be in the flow.

A day in the life at WyoTech is challenging, but we know you wouldn’t want it any other way. And time can fly by when you’re totally absorbed in the task at hand.

Diesel technology is here to stay! While no one can predict how another’s life and how career opportunities will pan out, we know that if you apply yourself, stay dedicated and stay in front of industry trends your chances for career success are greatly enhanced.

Contact WyoTech today and start training for a challenging career in the field of diesel technology.

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