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WyoTech Daytona Adds Programs in Marine and Powersports

WyoTech is all about providing students with the tools to compete successfully in today’s job market. WyoTech Daytona has added two programs to its arsenal-Advanced Marine and Off-Road Power.

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Fewer Auto Dealerships Create other Automotive Career Opportunities

Auto Dealerships that are closing by General Motors and Chrysler across the nation aren’t doing any big favors for automotive tech graduates looking to find a mechanic job after graduation. However, it stands to reason that fewer cars and trucks being sold means people around the country are depending on their vehicles to be a lot more reliable.

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10 Boat Movies That Will Make You Afraid of the Water

Boats can be great fun—but seafaring has always come with a dark side. Here are 10 films that may make you think twice about ever getting on a boat again—or at least make a good case for always wearing a life jacket:

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NHRA Nationals, Seattle, Washington

NHRA fun and excitement once again at the NHRA Nationals in Seattle, Washington. If you’ve ever been to an NHRA event, no one has to tell you about the raw energy that pervades the very air.

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Mopar Mile-High NHRA Nationals, Denver, Colorado

Don’t miss NHRA thunder at the Mopar mile-high NHRA Nationals, Denver, Colorado. This is serious fun and excitement for the entire family. You know the drill! Show up and have fun.

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