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WyoTech Trains Auto Repair and Refinishing Specialists

Collision RefinishingToday’s cars and trucks are many times safer than they were just a few decades ago. Still, no one has yet developed an auto paint that doesn’t scratch, a fender that doesn’t dent or a computer chip that prevents a driver from running a red light. In other words, as long as there are automobiles, there will be a need for specialists in collision repair and refinishing.

WyoTech, one of America’s leading career education schools specializing in the automotive industry, is training a new generation of students to work as collision repair and refinishing professionals. With three campuses offering Collision Repair and Refinishing training, WyoTech has a training professionals dedicated to restoring motor vehicles of all makes and models to full working condition after they’ve survived everything from fender benders to major collisions.

Collision Refinishing Core Studies

WyoTech’s Collision Refinishing Technology Program is divided into two sections. The first is Collision Repair, which provides instruction in welded or bolted panel replacement, mig welding, structural measuring and straightening, collision related mechanical and electrical systems, and other vital systems. The second part is Refinishing, in which student learn and practice surface preparation and masking, spray gun operation, paint application, color matching, detailing, spot repair, plastic welding and other basic refinishing skills.

Taught by Industry Professionals

All of WyoTech’s instructors are seasoned professionals who have spent years in to the collision repair industry. Facilities are modern and equipped with a full range of commonly used collision repair tools and technologies.

Who Goes to WyoTech?

What kind of students go to WyoTech? They’re young men and women of all ages who tend to share a single passion: Cars. They like working with their hands. They enjoy handling power tools, creating a little dust and seeing the final coat of paint shine.  Restoring a damaged car to a thing of beauty is, to them, more than just a job – it’s a calling.

For More Information

Interested in a career in auto collision repair and refinishing? Contact WyoTech today for more information. Classes are forming now!

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