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WyoTech – Blairsville – Scholarship Awarded to Virginia Resident

Virginia resident Meggan Thompson, a graduate of WyoTech Blairsville, is the selected winner of the school’s Dream Award for 2009.

Meggan’s story is filled with personal triumphs! She was raised in an abusive home and forced to work at the young age of 9 years old. For many years Thompson had to work two jobs to support her family and herself.

And then the hammer drops!

Meggan experienced a life-threatening infection, requiring surgery, which forced Meggan to sell her home and belongings to pay for medial expenses. Thompson recovered and realized it was time to pursue her dream of getting a career tech school education that could take her places.

She enrolled in Blairsville;s Motorsports Chassis Fabrication program. Thompson realized her education goals, and is now working as a diesel mechanic in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Dream Award is well deserved. Thompson, regardless of the challenges she had to work through, attended class and monitored students and volunteered at every opportunity.

Meaggan Thompson is the perfect role model of what a mature and professional leader should be. The WyoTech Scholarship will help Meggan to further pursue her education.

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