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New Career Training Your Goal? WyoTech Can Deliver

istock_000000129907xsmall.jpgIf you’re the type of individual that experiences the hair standing up on the back of your neck whenever you hear one of the following words: Mustang, Corvette, manifold, rolling burnout, Lambo Doors, Porsche 944, 450cc or Weber carburetor, “A” value, 600V-UD, absolute humidity or Harley, there might just be a place for you and it’s called WyoTech.

At WyoTech you can get the new career training that a lot of people only dream about.

Check out the programs we have to offer:

Automotive Technology
• Collision Refinishing Technology
• Diesel Technology
• Residential (HVAC) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
• Marine Specialist Motorcycle Technology
• Plumbing Technology
• Electrician Program

WyoTech offers tech school training that can qualify you to seek a new career with employers who offer entry-level positions in a discipline you’ve graduated from.

Choosing WyoTech means you’ll get the short-term career training needed to get on with your busy life and compete for in-demand entry-level job openings as they become available.

You also get to learn under instructors who know the stuff they teach like the back of their hands. We think a fast-paced environment is good. It’ll help you get the lead out!

And the skills you learn can be leveraged and utilized for the rest of your life.

If the thought of new career training has you staring for long hours at the ceiling each night, give WyoTech an opportunity to show you how we can help make the dream a reality.

We’re WyoTech, and we can help you turn Pro.

*Programs vary by campus

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