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Why the World Loves Diesel Power!


The world loves diesel power because it’s the driving force of today’s modern technology. When we think of diesel, we think of power, accomplishment, hard work and big equipment.

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WyoTech Trains Auto Repair and Refinishing Specialists

Collision Refinishing

WyoTech, one of America’s leading career education schools specializing in the automotive industry, is training a new generation of students to work as collision repair and refinishing professionals.

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WyoTech – Blairsville – Scholarship Awarded to Virginia Resident

Virginia resident Meggan Thompson, a graduate of WyoTech Blairsville, is the selected winner of the school’s Dream Award for 2009.

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Asian Motorcycle Enthusiasts Find Home at WyoTech

Hondo Motorcycle

Today, names like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki are as synonymous with motorcycles as Ducati, Triumph or Harley-Davidson. If you would like a career servicing Japanese-made motorcycles, WyoTech has an Asian Motorcycle concentration you’ll want to see for yourself.

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New Career Training Your Goal? WyoTech Can Deliver


If you’re the type of individual that experiences the hair standing up on the back of your neck whenever you hear one of the following words: Mustang, Corvette, manifold, rolling burnout, Lambo Doors, Porche 944, 450cc or Weber carburetor, “A” value, 600V-UD, absolute humidity or Harley, there might just be a place for you and it’s called WyoTech.

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