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What’s the Fastest Route to an Automotive Career?

istock_000004696187xsmall.jpgFor a lot of people, the desire to land an automotive career might have begun years ago at an early age. Others get the automotive repair bug in high school after taking advantage of a vocational program.

Great advice in today’s world might be to seek out an apprenticeship or training program such as those provided by WyoTech. Qualified auto mechanics are always in demand around the country.

Here’s some things you can do to prepare for a career in automotive technology:

1. Allow your interest to be sparked at the first available opportunity. For many, it means taking the classes in high school or by enrolling in some type of automotive vocational program. Take math and physical science courses whenever and wherever possible.
2. There are numerous apprenticeship and training programs available. Good auto mechanics are valued, and there may be some companies that provide excellent programs for entry-level workers.
3. If you can’t make a commitment to a full time trade school, then you should consider looking into the possibility of working as a parts runner or technician’s helper. You can gain a lot of experience in this manner.
4. Look for programs that are designed to prepare you for the (ASE) Automotive Service Excellence certification. Some shops may even offer in-house certifications.
5. Look for those employers who offer career development through proper training and certification.

Working on today’s modern vehicles requires qualified mechanics to understand a lot more about the science and technology that goes into the manufacturing process.

If you’re interested in preparing for a career as an automotive technician, WoTech career technical training can place you in an environment where you’ll be surrounded by peers and instructors who vibrate with many of the same passions for wrenching and getting their hands greasy.

And the great thing is that many of the programs can be completed in less than a year and a half. This means that upon successful graduation you can be well on your way to competing for the job of your dreams and getting on with life.

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