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What’s the Fastest Route to an Automotive Career?

For a lot of people, the desire to land an automotive career might have begun years ago at an early age. Others get the automotive repair bug in high school after taking advantage of a vocational program.

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The GI Bill – US Military Benefits – WyoTech and You

At WyoTech, we know that your military training has given you valuable skills, which include the leadership, discipline, and a refined work ethic. We think you’ve got a heck of a lot to offer the world with a bright future in front of you. We also think your GI Bill benefits can be put to good use in furthering your education.

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WyoTech Veterans Shine in Blairsville Veterans Day Parade

Members of the newly formed WyoTech Student Veterans’ Organization participated in the local Veteran’s Day Parade held Wednesday in downtown Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

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Today’s Cars are Safer by a Mile

A lot of nostalgia surrounds the automobiles of yesteryear. The rolling iron that Detroit manufactured during its mid-20th century glory days seem, at a glance, far more powerful, durable and, well, macho, than the CAD-designed, chip-regulated, plastic-coated eco-mobiles of today.

Here are some of the safety innovations that have made today’s cars and trucks far safer to drive than those of Detroit’s “Golden Years”:

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Want to Go From Being an Amateur to a Pro?

There are a lot of people in the world with a passion do something meaningful, that if given the right opportunities, could forge a promising life and career. If you love working on cars, wrenching, bending pipes, fixing bikes, or getting your knuckles greasy and busted up from time to time, you may be more fortunate than most people looking to find their own career-calling in life.

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