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WyoTech Diesel Technology Programs

istock_000009163699xsmall.jpgDiesel has a lot to do with supporting today’s technology.  In fact, diesel technology is the driving force!

Just think about the equipment and vehicles that use diesel to power-up each day. Oil rigs, power plants, hydraulic systems, locomotives, construction vehicles and mining equipment are just a few of the systems that depend on diesel power.

Diesel programs at WyoTech include training in:

• Engine Management Systems and Accessories
• Fluid, Power and Electrical Systems
• Engines
• Power Trains

Does working on engine theory and design, engine performance, cooling systems, lubrication systems, charging systems, heavy-duty torque converters and transport sound appealing?

We make sure our students get the best training possible by providing the professional instructors, classroom  and shop time, and the follow up support that can often make the difference between program success or failure. Upon graduation from the Diesel Technology Program, you can opt to seek entry-level employment in the following areas:

Heavy equipment maintenance
• Locomotive maintenance
• Over-the-road truck maintenance
• Fleet maintenance
• Dealership service
• Aftermarket parts development/specialist

The diesel industry is solid, and as long as there’s diesel technology to be maintained, there will be a need for qualified technicians to get the job done.

Don’t hesitate to check out what WyoTech has to offer by way of diesel technology career training programs.

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