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What would you Trade – for a Trade?

istock_000001036444xsmall.jpgLife seems to be a trade off. For everything we want, there is something we may have to give up to get it. Giving something up for something better isn’t necessarily a bad thing either!

WyoTech offers training in the plumbing technology, RHVAC (Residential Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and Electrician career fields.

These are in-demand career fields that require a strong level of commitment from start to finish. Sure, the economy might be rebounding amidst a feeling of uncertainty for most people, but this could be the perfect time to examine your future career possibilities up close and personal at WyoTech.

At WyoTech, we can provide the hands-on learning environment that allows you to learn both quick and fast. However, we think the other part of the equation is staffing our career training programs with instructors who are experts in their field. And you can bet that the knowledge they impart comes from real-time experience.

Plumbing  Program

The Plumbing  program can prepare you to work in all phases of the plumbing field, depending on your experience and personal expertise.

Residential (HVAC) Program

We’ll make sure you training exposes you to all areas of the industry, and upon successful graduation from the course you’ll be awarded a diploma that tells the world you’re ready to launch a career.

Electrician Program

You can get the knowledge and training to repair and maintain all types of electrical systems. And when it comes time to launch a career, you’ll have the confidence and skills to hit the ground running.

WyoTech has career training in the trades that could very well demand some serious attention in the coming years.

Contact us today to find out what we can do to give your education aspirations a new makeover.

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