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Torn Between Buying a New or Used Vehicle?

istock_000002095976xsmall.jpgBuying a new or used car is the fifty thousand dollar question that sends a lot of people into a decision-making spiral. As a result, there‚Äôs a constant war being waged on the car-buying landscape in today’s battered economy.

Rather than pay the monthly payments on a new car, many consumers are opting for quality used cars.

Be on the lookout for some monster incentives! Car manufacturers are priming the big guns and fighting back with incentives that include low payment plans, creative rebates and another viable means of attracting new buyers: the Internet.

And as a consumer, you can also use Internet tools to research your next car purchase, such as the great car buying guideover at Car and Driver.

In addition, here’s a few questions you can ask yourself that might just give you a slightly different take on reality.

Why am I really buying the Car?

Is an additional vehicle for you, a relative, or perhaps a son or daughter? Besides the obvious reasons such as needing transportation, there might be a need to haul children around to school and other activities. Or, you could be feeling the need to upgrade your image, which is quite acceptable if your wallet or pocketbook can afford it.

How much can I Afford?

While it’s a fact that used cars can end up costing significantly less than newer ones, there may be some risks involved that can eat up your savings down the line. The warranty on a new car is unsoiled. New cars can allow you to go the uncertified route, but the best warranty is still with a new car. You’ll just have to sit down with a strong cup of coffee and decide if another vehicle, new or used, can fit within your budget.

Does the Vehicle have Recycling Power?

Like anything, the car you buy will have finite life span. Automotive manufactures take this fact into consideration, and many models are designed so they can be nearly 100 percent recycled. Metal can be stripped, plastics chopped and reused, and the steel can be melted down and re-forged again. Knowing that you can squeeze a few bucks out of a dying car’s last breadth might just be the deciding factor in owning a new or used vehicle.

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