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At WyoTech, We Value Your Military Training and Skills

istock_000004276957xsmall.jpgSkills and knowledge gained in the military service are valuable assets that can be drawn upon throughout a lifetime.

Military personnel transitioning back to civilian life have an entire array of talents to offer, such as leadership, discipline, and the ability to work and excel in a team oriented environment.

This year alone, there are nearly a half a million veterans who are expected to emerge on college campuses as part of the new GI Bill. “Unfortunately, there remains the challenge of granting college credit for military training and services by many colleges and universities across the nation.”

For transitioning military personnel looking to pursue higher education, this unfortunate news means spending more on tuition and stretching financial aid or GI Bill scholarships; resulting in a delay of entry into the workforce.

In most cases, it’s an academic decision made by schools not to award credit for learning acquired outside a traditional classroom. Many schools consider military preparation to be “experimental learning.”

At WyoTech, we make it a point not to underestimate the quality of a military education and training, no matter what shape or form it comes in.

We encourage you to access your military training and skills and consider the value of career tech school training at WyoTech. We offer career tech school program training in many popular career fields such as automotive technology, collision refinishing, diesel technology, residential (HVAC) heating, ventilation and air conditioning, marine specialist, motorcycle technology, plumbing, and electrician program training.

Contact us today to find out if we’re a good fit for getting the tech school training that can help bridge the gap between your education goals and future career options.

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