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Women in the Construction Trades -WyoTech Can Answer the Call

istock_000003460811xsmall.jpgTraditionally, the world might view the construction industry as one dominated by males.  Iconic images may still come to mind of a young boy playing with a dump truck while his sister is off in the distance playing on a swing set.

Fortunately, these images are starting to fade away. However, there are still several obstacles for women to overcome in the construction trades industry: a strong absence from the higher positions in the industry, and a huge disparity between the number of male and female workers.

Today, there are more opportunities for women in the construction trades than at any other time in America’s history; and even though the status of women in building jobs has improved greatly over the past two decades, there are still a huge number of openings to be filled.  Presently, there are only a handful of women at the helm in the top 100 leading companies, as ranked by Professional Builder.

Fortunately, the expected need for electricians on a national scale is expected to increase several percentage points by the year 2016*.  If you’re a woman looking to break into the construction trades, electrician career training at WyoTech might be just the perfect starting point to get your career on the move. In just nine months, you can get program training that focuses on both the commercial and residential industries.

Your program studies will also include the National Electrical Code (NEC), and job site management and personal development.  You’ll also get to hammer down on industry systems such as alarms, voice, data, signaling systems and much more.  At WyoTech, we believe that women in the construction trades can fill a much needed gap in the construction work force.

Upon graduation, you’ll be qualified to seek entry-level employment in jobs that include, commercial and residential electrician, preventive maintenance electrician, production electrician, bench electrician and more.

So if you’re seriously thinking about taking your career possibilities to the next level, why not take a moment and fill out our easy online application form.

We think the field will be wide-open for women looking to enter into the construction trades-all we ask is that you examine the possibilities.

We’re WyoTech, and we can help you turn pro.

*US Department of Labor –Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009. Your local market data likely differs from these statistics.

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