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WyoTech Daytona Adds Programs in Marine and Powersports

WyoTech is all about providing students with the tools to compete successfully in today’s job market. WyoTech Daytona has added two programs to its arsenal-Advanced Marine and Off-Road Power.

Advanced Marine Concentration

The Advance Marine Program, a concentration course in the current Marine Specialist program, introduces students to advanced installation and troubleshooting of recreational marine vessel support systems. WyoTech students’ get hands-on training and access to some of the advanced technology that’s shaping today’s marine industry.

According to industry leaders, many of the higher level marine technicians currently employed are baby boomers currently looking at retirement in the near future. This could very well leave a void in the industry that will need to be filled with qualified technicians. The Advanced Marine Concentration program can help students to secure the training that will allow them to start out as entry-level technicians as jobs become available.

Off Road Power Concentration

WyoTech also offers the Off-Road Power concentration for students who are looking to get advanced training upon successful completion of the Motorcycle Technology Training Program.

Training consists of the usual training requirements. There are two courses to choose from: Mechanic Systems and PWC, and Electrical Systems and Snowmobiles.

If you’re looking to rev up your career options, WyoTech Daytona can be the perfect venue to begin the journey.

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