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Military Transition Assistance – Why not Choose WyoTech?

You served your country honorably for several years in the military and now you’re officially out with an honorable discharge, now what do you do? First, you should give yourself a huge pat on the back for protecting and serving your country.

The next thing you’ll need to decide is what to do with the rest of your life. Like thousands of military personnel who reach this point in their lives, military transition assistance for you could become an integral choice.

Military transition assistance is essential because it helps you to filter through all the information that’s critical in helping to decide the best course of action that can help  enhance your career options.

This is where WyoTech can be of help in providing military transition assistance in the form of education opportunities. If you’re currently making the transition from military to civilian life, or if you’ve already transitioned out, WyoTech can be a place where you get the tech school training that can prepare you to compete for entry-level jobs in such careers fields as Automotive, Diesel, Collision/Refinishing, Motorcycle, Marine, RHVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing Technology industries.

Here’s the kind of career training assistance we offer at WyoTech:

  • The option to complete most programs in as little as 9 months*
  • Industry knowledgeable instructors who know the ropes
  • Hands-on training to get the real-time experience you need
  • A learning environment where you’ll train with others of like passion

*Programs and program lengths vary by campus

You’re at an advantage, because industry places a high premium on transitioning military personnel just like you who’ve gained valuable leadership skills, the discipline to complete a task, and the ability to take directions in a team-oriented professional work environment.

You’re already well ahead of those who may not be able to bring the same skill sets to the table.

We invite you to take your military transition options to the next level and get the assistance you need to excite a career. The WTI Foundation has awarded scholarships to hundreds of WyoTech students based on academic performance and financial need.

The Unites States Armed scholarship Program for Military Personnel and Veterans is available for all active duty members of the U.S. Military Forces, National Guard and Reserve Armed Services.

Honorably discharged veterans are eligible to apply for financial assistance as well.

Find out what your GI bill offers!

*Financial aid available for those who qualify

Fire up Your Future with WyoTech

We know that getting the right type of military transition assistance can strengthen both the individual and country. Take time out to contact us today by filling out our easy application form. Military transition is just the beginning of the journey.

Find out if we can be of assistance in helping you take your education goals to a whole new level.

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