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A Special Tribute to Father’s Day from WyoTech Fremont-Theresa N. Herrera

Relationships between a father and son can be special, but the bonds that can sometimes form between father and daughter often resonate with a different kind of nurturing and understanding.

Theresa N. Herrera, WyoTech Fremont student, remembers the impact her father, now passed, had on her as a child. She was only ten years old when her father departed, but the memories of her father are enough to last a lifetime.

In a family of two girls and three brothers, she was Daddy’s girl. Theresa loved whatever her father loved, and he loved Chevy’s, so she loved them too. One can imagine her tagging along and watching her father for endless hours as he worked on his cars. And when she was old enough to know what tools he needed, she was right there handing him the tool before he had time to ask for it.

Theresa learned from her father that cars are far more than just a means of getting from one place to the next. Cars are only limited to what the imagination wills them to be! The time she spent in the garage with her father opened up her mind to an entire new universe of thought on how cars can be made to accelerate faster, and the body components and interiors and exteriors can be customized to one’s own taste.

But more importantly, the time spent with her father gave him a chance to impart timeless life lessons. Theresa learned the importance of being independent and more focused on the things that really matter.

As a result, Theresa is able to take her passion for cars in an entirely new direction-that of a career. She’s learning her trade from instructors who bring real-world experiences and knowledge to the classroom each day. Her father isn’t there to continue the training he started-but learning at WyoTech is the next best thing.

It’s not hard to forget the important things in life-like spending quality time with someone special and doing something you love. Theresa appreciates the memories shared with a special man, and thanks her brother Jesus for being there for her as she finds her way in life.

We think her father would be proud of where she’s headed in life-we know we are.


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