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West Coast Customs Delivers Three Customized 1955 Ford F100 trucks for Sly Stallone!

west-coast-1.gifFilm icon and Superstar Sylvester Stallone was featured on West Coast Customs’ popular TLC show, Street Customs, Thursday, June 4, 10:00pm/et. The shows crew made one smoking hot rod pick up, and two addition versions for stunt shots for the new Stallone film that is coming out soon.

The Truck comes equipped with a custom-built Edelbrock V-8, 421 horsepower engine which is nothing short of awesome. Other hot features include flat black paint, custom black rims, and a fabricated extreme (custom) grill. Word is there’s also an under-the-dash dropping drawer along with a custom console to house the prop guns for the film.

The Street Customs production rocks, and highlights the talents in this episode of Ryan Freidlinghaus, a former star of MTV’s mega-hit series, “Pimp my Ride,” who has an unorthodox way of managing his West Coast Customs family of technicians and artisans.

West Coast Customs was founded in 1993 by Friedlinghaus, and is presently the world’s west-coast-2.giftop vehicle modification shop. It’s recognized internationally for its original designs, cutting-edge technology and impressive clientele that range from sports stars to Hollywood A-listers to foreign royalty.

West Coast Customs thanks the following sponsors for the F100 episode of Street Customs: Asanti, ATK, Auto Loc, B & M Racing, Cerullo Seats, Continental Tires, CV Performances, Edelbrock, Evercoat, Flaming River, Gennie Shifter, Heidts Suspension, Ididit, JRD Glass, Kinetik, LMC Truck, Monster Cable, Ron Davis, Sanderson, Steele Rubber, Streamline Hot Rod and WyoTech.

Matt Myers, Owen Lubenow, and Rusty McClintock worked on the project and are WyoTech graduates.

Rusty McClintock recalls the benefits of being able to tap into his experience in working on his own truck at WyoTech.   His talents were put to good use in helping to speed up the disassembly process for the three trucks to be used in the film.

His greatest asset, honed on the WyoTech shop floor, is the ability to work with anyone and do anything!

The WyoTech crew was able to meld into the rhythm of the WCC staff and worked on just about everything, from sheet metal work to framework to complete assembly of the trucks.

This was an experience of a lifetime for everyone on the WyoTech crew. Success however, always leaves clues!

For Matt, Owen and Rusty, the decision to attend WyoTech is what set the wheels in west-coast-3.gifmotion. WyoTech is a place where students can work on real projects in real time. This is the kind of hands-on training our students can bring to the world on day one when they launch a career.

There are a lot of possibilities out there in the world-but you have to first show up at the right venue to get the career training and experience that employers value.

Not everyone in life will have the same measure of success. When it’s all said and done, the only thing in life we all have equal portions of is “time.” It’s what you do with your time that can make all the difference in the world.

Why not check out WyoTech to find out about the tech school career training that can help you take your career possibilities to a whole new level.

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