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Motorcycle Vacations Worth Looking Into

istock_000002141637xsmall.jpgMotorcycling can be great fun, especially if you’re planning to hit the road on a long awaited vacation. Whether you’ve got your own bike, or planning on renting, there are some great places to enjoy your next motorcycle adventure.

Baja, Mexico

Get out on the open road and travel down to the Baja Peninsula. This is a great venue for dirt bike riding and is considered by many to be an off-road paradise. This is a place where you can climb to over 4000 feet and witness a panoramic ocean view that seems to stretch out into infinity.

Tours of the peninsula often include rides that average 185 miles per day. You can even opt for a bilingual guide, chase crew, truck and motorcycle trailer.


Everyone knows about the rich cultural past of Transylvania, but very people outside the biking world know that it’s a popular venue for motorcycle enthusiasts. The tour is unique, beautiful, often dangerous and somewhat exhausting. At the very least, your biking skills have to be intermediate due to the abundance of bumpy roads.

Colorado Luxury Tours

This Colorado tour is somewhere between 150 to 120 miles a day. This could be the perfect fit if you’d prefer to ride in the day and experience unique luxurious accommodations along the way. The tour can take you through some of the most scenic and picturesque National Parks in America.

To make the cut on this tour, you’ll have to show that you’ve been an experienced rider for at least two years.

These are only a few of the many available vacation and adventure tours that people enjoy at motorcycle tour hot spots across the globe.

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