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What are Shanghai Models Wearing to the Auto Manufacturing Show this Year?

The auto shows of Shanghai used to be a place where foreign auto manufacturers could show off their western car models. These days, China automakers are gearing up to steal the limelight by unveiling a large number of new car models. The Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. set out on a mission to strategically launch as many as 22 new cars under three newly-launched brands.

Now if you didn’t know that, don’t feel like a stranger! Just be aware the China is up-and-coming in the auto manufacturing industry. Here’s what you can expect to see: Eight models under Geely’s Gleagle brand, eight models in the Emgrand class, and three models under the Shanghai Englon umbrella. There will also be a Forumla One concept car and several vehicles that will demonstrate technical systems.

Here’s the good news, even if you’re not into what’s happening half way around the world in the automotive industry, it’s good to know that back here in the states qualified and talented auto mechanics are still a hot item that employers are happy to find.

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