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Ducati Offers Motorcycle Enthusiasts the Rainbow

work-on-bike.jpgDucati, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, is offering customers thirteen colors to choose from in its Monster models. This is a clear move by Ducati to give customers the ability to customize a bike with some serious charisma and visceral motorcycle charm.

The new rainbow colors include:

“Lilla Glamour” Lilac
“Rosso GP” Red
“Verde Tricolore” Green
“Giallo Ducati” Yellow
“Blu Italia” Blue
“Azzurro Mediterranei” Azure-Blue
“Arancione Scrambler” Orange
“Amaranto Glossy” Rich Purple
“Argento Vivo” Silver
“Oro Puro” Gold

Ducati offers a range of, off the shelf, custom parts that are attachable to the motorcycle’s tank, fairings and other areas. So far, this is making a lot of Ducati fans (Ducatistas) mighty happy.

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