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What’s the Real Definition of a Classic Car?

Normally, older cars come to mind when the term “classic” is used. For the most part, the term refers to distinguished cars that bear the mark of outstanding engineering, superb workmanship, and elegant styling. This would typify vehicles designed and built between 1925 and 1948.

The cars of this period were generally high priced and the quantities built were limited. Factors which rank a car include: custom coachwork, the amount of engine displacement, luxury accessories, and lubrication systems.

There are a number of insurance companies that deem any car that is 20 years or older to be eligible for a policy of classic cars. These companies set the threshold at 25 years or above to qualify for a historical license plate.

Many of the cars that fall under the title of classic lack the basic safety features of today’s modern vehicles such as rollover protection, antilock braking, and seat belt protection and air bags.

The handling characteristics of the classic car are likely to be poorer than current standards permit. Despite the present risks associated with driving on today’s roads and freeways, many classic car owners are reluctant to retrofit them with modern amenities.

Some cars have even lost points in classic car shows as a result. However, despite the risks, there have been very few crashes where classic cars are concerned.

Not everyone has the good fortune to own a classic car. However if you’re the type of person that feels every car on the road, new or old, deserves the attention of timely maintenance and repair, then you might want to ratchet-up and check out the Automotive Technology Program at WyoTech!

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