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Don’t Leave Home Without an Emergency Kit

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Driving can be a lot of things to a lot of people, but as we all know, it’s something that demands responsibility.  Driving requires a lot of safety requirements and attention to detail on the open road. And one of the best ways to be safe is to make sure you’re carrying an emergency car kit.

Here are a few items you should always have on hand.

1.  Keep a container filled with food items that won’t easily perish.   Bottled water is a top priority, along with crackers or granola bars.  These are snack foods that are high in protein and energy. If you ever get stranded, being able to survive for several hours may be necessary until help can arrive.

2. If you live in an area where there are harsh winters or it’s incredibly cold or stormy, carrying a blanket in your car should be a top priority.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to throw in some hand warmers, and flares if you need to flag down some help.  These are items that can be found in most grocery stores or hunting shops.

3. Multi-purpose tools should be on your list as well.  A Swiss Army knife is the standard for a lot people, and is the perfect tool for getting out of a jam.  Throw the army knife into the roadside emergency kit.  A traction pad for getting out of tight spots can often save the day.

Keeping an emergency kit handy is just smart thinking.  It’s paying attention to the little details in life that can often make all the difference in the world.

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