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Be On the Lookout for Engine Repair Cheats

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It’s not a bad thing if you’re not completely up on repairing your own vehicle. However, you should proceed with caution when leaving your car for repair-especially when it comes to engine maintenance.

You should realize that even though people appear to be nice, there’s always the possibility you’re leaving the shop without the work being properly done.

People are scammed more than you know because they don’t have the first clue about car engine maintenance.

An ignorant customer is the most vulnerable customer in the eyes of a shady mechanic. And, it’s often the case that society assumes men should be the more technical minded and know more about a car’s engine than women.  One way to get a little respect is to pretend to be a jack of all trades.  You can also ask for parts that have been replaced.

Many people practice asking all the right questions about some aspect of their vehicle’s repair. This places the mechanic on defense without knowing it by forcing him or her to come up with an intelligent answer to your question.

Another good piece of advice would be to watch over their shoulder as much as possible if you’re in a waiting area.  You don’t want to be charged excessively for labor.

Being on the lookout for repair cheats isn’t a matter of rocket science.  It just takes a little common sense and a little play acting.

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