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Are Small Cars Creating Bigger Demand?

It’s no mystery that our European neighbors have known the value of compact cars for a long time.  In America, SUV’s have been the big-dogs on the block for the past decade.  However, considering the economy, the price of gas and the urge to go greener, more and more people are looking at fuel efficient cars with a gleam in their eyes.

Smaller cars entering the market makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons.  Number one, small cars introduce new buyers to a particular brand.  And if the experience with a smaller car is positive, consumers have a tendency to stick with the brand as they get older.

Smaller cars can also provide a more obvious safety net when the economy takes a turn for the worst.  Small cars also offer great fuel efficiency and performances that command respect.  And let’s face it, these days everyone is looking to save a few bucks wherever and whenever possible.

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