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student-at-computer.jpgThere are many students who choose to attend WyoTech because we have connections with top companies in the industry. Our graduates are quality material, and these companies know it. This is one of the main reason they visit our campuses during their annual recruiting season. They also work with WyoTech Career Services Representatives to hire our graduates upon graduation.

Check out the following industries you can train for:

Automotive Technology

When you graduate from the WyoTech Automotive Technology Program, you’ll have the hands-on training and industry skills to handle an exciting and fast-paced career.

Collision Refinishing Technology

When you graduate from the Collision Refinishing Technology Program, you’ll have the knowledge to paint, detail and restore many of today’s vehicles to their original luster. And, the automotive industry is always looking for talented and trained individuals who can get the job done.

Diesel Technology

Diesel is the workhorse of the world. You’ll find diesel engines powering everything from cruise ships and trains to power stations and farm equipment. Graduates of the WyoTech Diesel Technology Program get to have their pick of numerous career options.


The Electrician Program can provide you with some serious technical, communication and interpersonal skills that you can transfer to the job. You’ll be able to install, repair and maintain all types of electrical systems. And in today’s world, this makes you a valuable commodity.

Motorcycle Technology

If you love working on motorcycles, the Motorcycle Technology Program can give you the skills to diagnose, service and repair today’s bikes. And, the skills you develop at WyoTech can be used throughout your life.

Marine Technology

Marine Technology graduates from WyoTech can be found working in ships, dry dock or marinas practicing their skills to overhaul large diesel or gasoline inboard-outboard engines. The nation will always need qualified technicians who can hang tough with changing industry demands.

Plumbing Technology

Plumbers have a wide range of areas they can work in. If you like working with your hands and don’t mind the physical work, a career in plumbing could be just the break you’ve been looking for.

RHVAC (Residential Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

Residential and Commercial Climate Control, Heating and Refrigeration and many related industries are being impacted by computerization and sophisticated control systems. These trends are changing the skill sets and knowledge required for successful service personnel in Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration technology. With the right training you can find employment in your field of choice.

*WyoTech Programs vary by campus.

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