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WyoTech Daytona Grad Realizes His Dream

September 11, changed the lives of countless people, and Rafael Rios was one of them. Rios served in the Marine Corps from 1978 to 1988, and was working in the medical field in Texas when he made the decision to go back into the military, this time in the National Guard. “I wanted to do something for my country,” said Rios.

Rios served a tour of duty in Iraq form 2004 to 2005, and discovered he lost interest in his previous job as a dialysis technician.

Destination WyoTech Daytona

Rafael Rios decided to switch gears and embark upon a new career as a motorcycle technician, and moved to Daytona to take classes at WyoTech. However, a week before graduation, he was called back to his second tour of duty. Rios spent a lot of time talking to fellow National Guardsmen about the benefits that WyoTech has to offer.

Rios talked to his comrades about schools where they could get the education that would allow them to hunt down the jobs that could make them self-sufficient and break out of the routine.

WyoTech school officials were highly impressed with his tenacity, and named Rios the winner of the annual Dream Award, which comes with a $2500 scholarship to pursue an education at WyoTech. The Dream Award recognizes one graduate at each campus who has overcome the odds to realize his or her dreams through education.

At WyoTech, Rios was enrolled in coursework which included specialty training in Harely-Davidson, BMW and Ducati Motorcycles. Rafael became a role model on the Daytona campus because of his natural leadership tendencies.

While in civilian life, Rios stayed in touch with the WyoTech Daytona Career Services Center. As a result, he landed his own dream job with Piaggio Group Americas Ins. He’s now serving as the after-sales regional manager for Latin America.

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