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Women of WyoTech are Getting Respect

Jessi Combs

WyoTech is the official tech school of the NHRA, and is breaking the traditional role that male mechanics and fabricators play in career tech school training. WyoTech has seen an influx of women at its six campuses in recent years.

While every WyoTech female student story is a success, WyoTech graduates Jessi Combs and Liz Miles were able to launch successful careers shortly after graduation.

Jessi Combs, until recently, was the host of Xtreme 4×4 on Spike TV for over three years after graduating from the WyoTech Laramie Wyoming campus in the Collision Refinishing Core Program. Jessi decided on a career in the automotive field after turning down a scholarship to a prestigious interior design school.

At the WyoTech campus, Jessi studied collision/refinishing, street rod fabrication, chassis fab and high performance engines, and she graduated at the top of her class in all of her disciplines.

This was academic success that quickly caught the attention of WyoTech who employed Jessie to fabricate, customize and paint a 1964 Mercury Cyclone to represent the school at the SEMA show.

Liz Miles

Liz Miles also attended the WyoTech Laramie campus. She took classes in applied service management, chassis fabrication and street rod. After graduation, Liz decided that a full time welder/fabricator job wasn’t her cup to tea. However, she was able to use her WyoTech education to successfully tackle the media side of the business as a technical editor for the Popular Hot Rodding Magazine.

Liz’s writing focuses on the technical side of car builds and products and installations. She’s using the knowledge gained from WyoTech and the experience gained working on her own projects. At WyoTech, she received the skill set necessary to take her as far as her imagination would allow.

We congratulate Jessi and Liz for their achievements, and all the women who choose to attend WyoTech. We know there are a lot more success stories down the line.

WyoTech offers a range of different curriculum for career training in automotive technology, collision refinishing technology, diesel technology, residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning, marine technology, motorcycle technology, plumbing technology, electrician and more!

If you’re a lady looking for a career that’s in-demand, why not contact WyoTech to learn more about the career tech school training offered.

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