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Women in the Automotive Industry

women-automotive.JPGThe demand in the field for women is validated by the fact there is always a need for qualified automotive technicians.

While it may that many women are not aware of the opportunities available for them in the auto industry, the truth is there’s really no repair function that a woman can’t perform. The possibilities are unlimited. And, a technical background can open up opportunities in the industry in ways that are hard to imagine.

As customers, women play a huge role in the field of automotive repair. Comprising a little more than half the US population, women bring in up to two thirds of the vehicles brought to shops for maintenance and repair work. When you think about it, women have been hugely responsible for making the industry what it is today.

The old way of doing things often meant heavy lifting and getting a lot of dirt and oil under your fingers. Today’s world is different because modern vehicles require a different approach to how they’re serviced. A lot of today’s repairs require intelligence-over brute strength. A car problem is often likely to be the result of a defective sensor as opposed to a transmission gone rogue.

In short, automotive repair has become a brain game. For a lot of people in the industry, the transition from a wrench to reading volts and ohms has been difficult-if not impossible.

Women Are Answering the Call

Where there are ample challenges and good pay, women are answering the call. There are more female auto technicians in the field than at any time in history. Truth is, there will always be an open number of employment slots that will be available for both men and women to fill. As long as there are vehicles on the road, there will be a need for qualified technicians.

In today’s world, there’s no reason whatsoever why women can’t be as successful, or even more successful than men.

Don’t tell anyone, but there are females in the world that can run circles around some of the guys when it comes down to fixing a car! And on the shop floor, women often have a different skill set when communicating with a customer.

If you’re a woman wondering if the automotive industry can be a good career choice, why not contact WyoTech today to find out about the tech school career training opportunities that could help land you an exciting and challenging job in the automotive industry.

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