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Choosing a Career—10 Common Myths Exposed

There are a lot of people who claim to know a lot about choosing a career. The truth is, it’s not as cut and dry as it seems.

1. Making a career choice is simple

Choosing a career is process that requires involvement, and requires a lot of thinking and planning. It means getting to know yourself to the point of making well informed decisions.

2. A career counselor has all the answers

Wrong! A career counselor can only give you suggestions and provide information. The decision has to be up to you in choosing the best route to take.

3. No one makes a living from their hobby

Millions of people the world over are able to find a profitable direction to take their hobby in. People that earn a living doing the things they love accomplish in life, on average, more than those who don’t.

4. The “Best Careers” list always has the best careers

There are a ton of article and books that hit the book shelves every year claiming to have the last say on jobs that will be in demand. It doesn’t hurt to examine the data, but just be aware that things change over time-and often very quickly. The best data to take into consideration are your interests, skills, and values.

5. Making a substantial amount of money will make you happy

There are millionaires the world over who will tell you this is not always the case. Money doesn’t necessarily lead to job satisfaction. If you can find the profession you love and earn a decent living in the process, you’re off to a good start in life.

6. I’ll get stuck in my career like millions of other people

No one really has to be stuck in a career. If you’re unsatisfied with what you’re doing for a living, start planning an exit strategy. For as many people who feel they’re stuck, there are millions more who find a way to make a change.

7. I’ll lose my skills if I change careers

This is just not the case. There’s no reason you can’t take the skills you learn in your present profession to the next. You may not use your skills in exactly the same way, but they will never go to waste.

8. My best friend is happy in a career field I’m interested in

People are different, and you may not be suited for the career field that your best friend has chosen. Find out what it is that you like and are good at, and follow through on your dreams and goals.

9. If I pick an occupation, things will automatically fall into place.

Choosing a career is a great start in life, but there’s a lot more to follow. You need a career action plan that can help you reach your long term goals.

10. There’s not much I can do to learn about an occupation without first-hand experience
Seeing an occupation up close and personal is great, but you won’t always have that opportunity in life. However, there are a lot of other ways to explore an occupation, such as talking to those in the profession, researching online, or visiting any number of book stores.

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