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WyoTech Formula Rock Crawler Build


For all of you WyoTech fans who may have missed this past event!

Xtreme 4×4 Special Edition

WyoTech, Sacramento California is the spot where lucky WyoTech students were filmed doing the thing they love-turning a stripped down chassis into a work of art.

Xtreme 4×4 caught up with the Sacramento WyoTech students to turn a 1982 Toyota solid axle long bed truck into a competitive rock crawler.

The team was broken up into several groups, engine placement, axels, transmission and case, chassis and seats, suspension, and tires and wheels.

racer-on-course.gif“Gut it, clean it up, and plate it,” are all familiar phrases to the WyoTech crew. It all started with some plans and some parts. And, after 180 hours of hard work, the WyoTech Crawler was able to make its inaugural run.

There’s a lot of you out there with the passion, and at WyoTech, you can get the training and solid education to break into the automotive career field.

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