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WyoTech Graduate Students Go Head-to-Head

PowerBlock TV—Horsepower Segment:

Graduate Students from WyoTech Sacramento, Ca, and WyoTech Blairsville, Pa campuses will go head-to-head to see who will own the bragging rights in designing and building the best performing V8 engine.

Two WyoTech teams (2 graduates on each team) and an instructor from WyoTech’s Performance Power Train curriculum will use new 347cid short block assemblies that are donated by Ford Racing.

The competition is set to air on PowerBlock’s Horsepower TV, April 2009. The WyoTech graduates are ready and determined to showcase their engine building skills to over 2 million TV viewers.

The special will premiere April 19 on Spike TV at 11am ET/PT with a follow up encore airing July 4th and 5th; and on the 3rd and 4th of October.  You can also catch the free online streaming at, and it will also be available as a download on iTunes.

Don’t miss it! We won’t.

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