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Motorcycle Batteries—Keep Safety and Maintenance in Mind

motorcycle-1.jpgMotorcycles of the past had tiny lead acid batteries that involved a monthly maintenance ritual. Distilled water had to be added to each cell, and leaving the filler caps off each cell so that hydrogen gas could escape was the rule of thumb.

That might have been long ago, and technological advances have made the maintenance rules more bearable, but there are still some rules you can follow to keep your battery safe, and for the most part, maintenance free.

Battery Safety Essentials:

1. Always follow the manufactures recommendations.

2. If a battery is maintenance free, never attempt to pry off the top of the battery to add water.

3. Always wear eye protection when working around your motorcycle battery.

4. Make sure you take dead batteries to a local recycling center.

5. If you’re recharging your battery, make sure it’s not around sparks or flames.

6. Upon battery removal, disconnect the ground cable first, and when installing, connect the ground cable last.

Simple enough!

On the other hand, if your idea of working on a motorcycle is being able to strip it down from top to bottom to locate a problem at sunrise-and then put it back together again by the time the sun goes down; why not contact WyoTech today and check out the career tech school training offered in our Motorcycle Technology Program!

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