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Emerging Auto Trends

It’s always good to get a good feel for where the trends are leading us in the auto industry. For the most part, the days are gone with a mechanic could swap out the engine or replace the water pump with ease.

Computer chips in cars play an immense role in powering just about everything in modern vehicles. If you don’t have access to the right equipment when making car repairs, you could end making a major repair mistake.

Check out the emerging auto trends of tomorrow:

  • Changes in lithium battery technology.
  • The emergence of smart fuels that may include reusing household products.
  • GPS technology advancement that include duel screen navigation screens, and in dash internet screens.
  • Smart technology in over 90% of the vehicle.

Safety enhancements will include next generation air bags, suspension systems that are adjustable, and smart tires to name a few. And, vehicles will become more intelligent by brining electronic capabilities to nearly every part of the vehicle. Corporate responsibility will take into consideration the sophistication and needs of the consumer.

It might take a while for gasoline powered engines to completely disappear off the grid, and for all we know it could take many decades. The one thing we do know is that, as the countries compete for more and more of the worlds dwindling resources, the need to employ green technology in all of our lives becomes greater.

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