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A Clean Engine—Why It’s Important!

auto-school.jpgThere are some really good reasons why you should endeavor to keep your vehicle’s engine clean. One of the most important reasons is it’s much easier to find a fluid leak, worn or torn belts, prevent engine rust, and to sell your car when the time comes. And, if you’re a backyard mechanic, a clean engine makes things a lot less messy when under the hood.

Changing your oil on a regular basis, and checkin the manufacturer specs, can save your engine a lot of wear and tear. Oil leaks are one of the main reasons an engine gets dirty and greasy. If you’re a handy mechanic, you can save a lot of money by changing the oil yourself. Try not to mix oils, and do your research to find out what type of oil works best for your vehicle’s engine.

Safety is a top priority, especially if you’re changing the oil yourself. Make sure you elevate the vehicle off the ground using the correct car jack, and proceed to remove the oil cap on the engine, place the oil pan strategically, and use a socket wrench to remove the oil pan drain plug.

Now that you’ve taken care of the oil, and your car is safely on the ground, the actual job of cleaning your engine is next! It’s recommended you take your car to an acceptable place to do this. Doing the work in your yard can kill the grass and do harm to the environment.

If you plan on doing the job yourself, just make sure all of the vehicle’s sensors are covered properly. Get your degreaser and spray equipment up to speed, and put some elbow grease on those caked dirt and greasy spots. Be careful not to use any abrasives that will scratch or damage the engine.

All of this is fun, but just imagine what it would be like to work around or on engines for a living!

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