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What is Dieseling all About?

dieseling.jpgWhat is dieseling all about is a good question. And one that millions of people have asked or wondered about. The perfect scenario would be for a car to stop running as soon as the ignition switch is turned off.

However, that’s not always the case when there are other sources of ignition and raw fuel. Dieseling is what happens when a vehicle’s engine doesn’t shut down after the ignition is turned off.

In a diesel engine, there aren’t a series of explosions generated by spark plugs. A diesel engine uses a single “glow plug” to burn fuel, and may have to idle in order to keep its ignition process running smoothly. In a traditional gas powered engine, dieseling shouldn’t occur, and would indicate something is wrong with the engine’s performance.

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Dieseling might also be caused by the use of a cheaper grade fuel and oil. Burning a lower quality of fuel causes carbon deposits to develop on the valves and piston of an engine. When a red hot carbon deposit comes in contact with unburned fuel, an explosion is set off. This ignition of raw fuel is one of the reasons vehicles start dieseling.

There’s also the possibility that dieseling is caused by faulty spark plugs, or plugs that aren’t the proper size. In any event, most dieseling problems can be addressed and solved by making sure your vehicle gets a regular tune-up.

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