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(MRA)-Motorcycle Riders Assoication-Bike Night

bike-night.gifThe roar of the pipes, the gleam of the chrome -“oh no, here come the bikers” of the MRA (Motorcycle Riders Association) and all of their supporters. Don’t worry; it’s just a typical night at Frisco’s in Long Beach.

WyoTech has a regular trophy sponsorship for ‘Best Bike’. Automotive Instructor, Mario Zamora from Long Beach is shown above presenting the latest ‘Best Bike’ trophy to Jose Avilas for his 2001 Yamaha Roadster.

The events sponsored by the MRA help bring bikers from all over together for good causes. The idea is called Bike Night and they meet at Frisco’s in Long Beach, CA on Tuesday nights. The typical night is one of hanging out, eating, relaxing and talking about the bike. But when there is a cause that they are looking at supporting- this is the gathering to bring the need to everyone’s attention.

The group is meeting this night for a good reason; to raise money to help out children in need. This year’s event is supporting Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. There are raffles that help to raise money and get them closer to the goal of $ 5,000.

The big day is December 21st 2008: where everyone will meet at Quaid’s Harley Davidson, Loma Linda. From there the riders will travel to the hospital to present the check. So next time you see us on the road-know that we are out there trying to make a difference.

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