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Marine Mechanic Careers in the Crosshairs

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Marine mechanics are the professionals who restore electrical and motorized equipment on boat engines. You’ll find them working on large boats, smaller boats, or personal water craft. But that’s not all they do! Marine mechanics also may install and repair water craft plumbing, steering devices, and boat propellers.

Typically, marine mechanic careers aren’t normally in the crosshairs of the main stream media. And, while you may not hear a lot of chatter about these professionals, they’re busy at work making sure the nation’s private and commercial water craft are performing up to par. Fortunately for them, most of the work is performed in a repair shop on dry land.

Major overhauls require an engine to be removed and repaired at marinas or docks. Marine mechanics are generally located in cities with ports close to bodies of water, such as Green Bay, WI, Detroit, MI; and Port Aransas, TX.

Marine mechanics, by the very nature of what they do, have good technical skills and are able to work well with their hands. They also have to be in good shape because of the physical nature of their work duties. Additionally, an eye for detail and problem-solving skills is a major plus for succeeding in the field.

If you think you’d enjoy a career repairing marine engines and watercraft, you should check out the WyoTech Marine Technology Program, where if enrolled, you’d be able to study coursework in:

• Vessel Power Transmission
• Inboard Engine Propulsion Systems
• Diesel Engines, Power Generation and Marine Electronics
• Outboard Engine Propulsion Systems

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